The Ultimate Riddle

The Riddle:

Who am I?

The Clues:

  • I have no beginning and no end.
  • I am infinitely big and infinitesimally small.
  • I contain all things, yet cannot be contained.
  • I am constant, yet constantly changing.
  • Everything that ever happened (or ever will happen) happens in me.
  • I am always as close to you as your own breath, yet I extend throughout the entire universe.
  • Everything exists within me, and nothing can exist outside of me.
  • I am weightless, formless, and invisible.
  • I am everywhere at once, yet nowhere in particular.
  • No matter what you’ve done (or haven’t done), I am always here to accept you and take you back into me—although you can never truly leave me, and I never leave you.
  • I am always with you.

The Answer:

The present moment (although I go by other names as well).

Although I’m tempted to put in my two cents of commentary, I’d rather hear your thoughts, reactions, and comments first!

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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Riddle

  1. Thank you for the compliment, Domini. So nice of you to come by and share your encouraging words. Enjoy your “chewing”–this is definitely a concept/time/place that I come back to again and again… and always feel nourished. Hope to “see” you again. 🙂

  2. Great riddle, Dan! Such the perfect description of, as you wrote, the Present Moment, God, Spirit, the Universe, Source, Love, etc. It could almost be a daily prayer to remind us of our oneness with It, the Divinity within each of us. Very clever post, Dan! Really enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you, Alice. Yes, it is like a daily prayer–or even a moment-by-moment prayer: keep coming back to me, to now, to yourself–be one with that. I’m so glad you enjoyed that and helped reinforce my own commitment to keep coming back to (or to stay in) that place, that oneness. (As my hero, David Foster Wallace, put it: like a fish reminding itself, “This is water. This is water. This is water…”) I so appreciate your encouragement!

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    • No such thing as “late” with a riddle like this, Nikky. In fact, you’re right on time–an answer which, I’m sure, the “judges” will accept! 🙂

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