Soulful JournalsThe premise of “Halfway up the Mountain” is that we don’t need to have all of the answers to help one another on our journey. In fact, sometimes the best gift isn’t an answer, but a question!

In that spirit, my wife Jodi and I created “Soulful Journals“–books of questions that help you access your own inner wisdom, get to know yourself better, and inspire you to live your best life!

With topics ranging from the law of attraction and gratitude to relationships and life transitions, you are sure to find one (or more) that speaks directly to you!

Read about the individual titles below, click on the titles or pictures to learn more and buy the journals, or click here to see all of the books.

The series contains 13 books (click titles for more information):

I Am Grateful For...I Am Grateful For…
(a gratitude journal)

This journal is the perfect place to write down everything you’re grateful for–from big things (such as friends, family, and love) to small, special moments (such as a delicious meal or a smile from a stranger). This book makes a wonderful gift–for yourself or anyone else you want to share your gratitude with!

The Gratitude BookThe Gratitude Book:
50 Prompts to Keep the Grateful Feelings Flowing

Focusing on what you’re grateful for can lead to a happier, healthier life–and The Gratitude Book can help! In this book, we give you 50 prompts and questions that encourage you to feel and express your gratitude.

As IfAs If:
50 Prompts to Help Manifest Your Ideal Life
This is a perfect book for anyone who wants to get closer to their ideal life, reach their potential, or simply make tomorrow better than yesterday. To help you clarify your vision, we ask you questions about your ideal life, and you answer them as if that ideal were already your actual, present life!

The Commitment BookThe Commitment Book:
Helping You Keep Your Word to Yourself
Have you ever gotten really excited about a goal that you wanted to achieve and then had a hard time following through with it? Do you frequently say that you’re going to do something and then either forget about it or get too busy and end up not doing it? If so, The Commitment Book can help! Discover the simple 4-step plan that guides you toward your goals and helps you achieve them!

Journaling WithinJournaling Within:
50 Prompts for Self Exploration
Have you ever wanted to journal but didn’t know what to write? Journaling Within has the solution: 50 writing prompts to get you started–questions or thoughts that encourage introspection. We hope this book gets you thinking, reflecting, and writing!

Journaling Further WithinJournaling Further Within:
50 More Prompts for Self Exploration

The sequel to our bestselling book, Journaling Within. This volume contains 50 more writing prompts–all questions or thoughts that encourage introspection. If you want to take time to reflect on your life and get more in touch with who you really are, this book can help.

Joy JournalJoy Journal: 50 Fun Prompts & Exercises to Bring More Joy into Your Life
We believe that you can never have too much joy in your life, so we wanted to create a joy booster for you–and that’s what this journal is! If if you aren’t feeling as joyful as you’d like, these writing prompts and exercises will definitely help you tap into your own inner joy reserve. And if you’re already feeling joyful, then this journal will increase your joy even more!

Self Care from the Inside OutSelf Care from the Inside Out: 50 Ways to Give Yourself the Love You Deserve
Practicing self care helps you feel renewed, re-energized, and fully alive–and this book can show you how! Dozens of self-care exercises, writing prompts, and fun activities help build your self esteem, nurture yourself, and experience more love–inside and out!

Couple's Gratitude BookCouple’s Gratitude Book:
Our Place to Share What We Appreciate Most About Each Other
A great way for partners to share just how grateful they are for each other! Contains writing prompts that help couples find fun, new ways to express their love and gratitude for one another.

Couple's Love Quiz BookCouple’s Love Quiz Book:
How Well Do You Know Each Other?

Perfect for any couple that wants to get to know each other better–and grow even closer–in a fun way! It makes a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, or “just because I love you”!

50 Prompts to Help Guide You Through Life’s Changes

A useful companion for anyone going through divorce, loss of a loved one, changing jobs, moving, recovery, or any other life changes. This book can help you explore and make sense of the many questions and emotions that surface during trying times.

Transitions for StudentsTransitions for Students:
50 Prompts to Help You Through Your College Years
Being a college student can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a time of many challenging transitions. This book contains 50 questions designed to spark students’ inner wisdom and help them thrive throughout your college years and beyond!

Journaling Within for TeensJournaling Within for Teens:
50 Prompts to Help You Get to Know Yourself Better
We believe that journaling is an essential part of life, and we’re passionate about encouraging teens to begin this wonderful practice at an early age. But sometimes a blank page can be a bit intimidating. This book contains 50 questions that make the process of getting to know yourself fun rather than overwhelming.


We’ve got plenty more in the works–including books, journals, and ecourses–so check back often to see what’s new. Or, better yet, click here to subscribe! Thanks!

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